What Can I Do If My Vehicle is Repossessed

What Can I Do if My Vehicle Was Repossessed – Is it Too Late?

If your vehicle was picked up, you must respond to any “10-day letter” or there’s a good chance that your vehicle has been sold at an auto auction. California law requires lenders to provide vehicle owners with a short, 10-day, period of redemption following repossession. Assuming that the lender follows the procedures set out for notice under California law, then title to your vehicle passes to a new owner at the time of the auction sale.

Occasionally, a lender fails to exercise its rights in a timely manner and we still may be able to recover your vehicle even if several weeks or months have passed since repossession. Time is definitely of the essence. So, we urge you to contact us sooner rather than later if your vehicle has been repossessed at 760 482-1737.

If you do not take quick action, you will lose your vehicle, and it is likely that the lender will eventually sue you for a repossession deficiency. Call Hedtke Law Firm immediately to preserve your options if you have experienced a repossession.

Talk to an auto repossession lawyer at the Hedtke Law Firm, to learn more about how we can help you. You can reach us directly at 760 482-1737.

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