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estate planning attorney Victorville CA

At Hedtke Law Group we provide Estate Planning Attorney Victorville CA with decades of experience. Estate planning protects your personal assets from the claims of potential creditors.

Protect Your Personal Assets with Estate Planning

At its simplest, protecting your personal assets begins with umbrella liability insurance, married couples’ ownership of their homes in tenancy by the entirety (as opposed to the joint tenancy), and basic exemption planning by the preferential holding of assets in forms that are exempt from judgment execution. Protect your assets with the help of our experienced estate planning attorney in Victorville CA.

Use Limited Liability Entities

At a greater level of complexity, this planning includes the cost-effective use of limited liability entities. At its most complex, this planning also involves the use of irrevocable offshore and domestic asset protection trusts with trust protector provisions. However, even an ordinary revocable grantor trust, if fully funded, confers a measure of asset protection after the grantor’s death.

Asset Protection through a Financial Plan

estate planning lawyer Victorville CAAsset protection in the larger sense, like estate planning, extends to the judicious selection and diversification of investments in accordance with an overall financial plan. Hedtke Law Group in Victorville CA is pleased to work closely with certified professional financial planners and other highly qualified insurance, investment, and accounting professionals, when and as indicated by our client’s interests, as part of an overall professional team working together to further our client’s interests.

All our Estate planning lawyers Victorville CA of Hedtke Law Group seeks to protect their clients’ assets in the most cost-effective way possible. Mr. Hedtke’s experience in bankruptcy law and creditors’ rights enables us to provide this assistance to clients at a reasonable cost.

Our Asset Protection Services Include:

  • Bankruptcy Exemption Planning
  • Limited Liability Entities
  • Trusts

Make a call to us to talk to our experienced estate planning attorney Victorville CA from Hedtke Law Group and get a free consultation. CALL US AT 7604821737

Offering full-service estate planning and expertise in probate law, Hedtke Law APC serves all of the Inland Empire. Based in Victorville, CA, Hedtke Law APC brings over ten years of experience practicing law to your needs in estate planning and probate law. 

From trust preparation to complex wills, Medicaid planning, or basic estate planning, Hedtke Law APC can facilitate tax savings transfers, asset reviews, Family Limited Partnerships, or donations to charitable trusts. Neil Hedtke, Esq. does this through his expert knowledge and premier education.

Everything you own, from clothes, cash, and your residence, are considered under the law to be part of your estate. The only way to ensure that your estate is securely transferred to your surviving loved ones in the unlikely event of your death is to use the services of an Estate lawyer in the Inland Empire who has the education and experience to practice estate law. With Estate planning you are required to visit with an attorney who can help guide you toward your goals that relate to your estate.

Some of the most common objectives related to estate planning that our Estate attorney Victorville will explain to you in common language are:

Transferring your estate to your chosen beneficiaries

Sharply reducing the tax burden associated with your estate

The assignment of legal guardians to your child or children CALL US AT 7604821737

The avoidance of probate

The Estate planning Inland Empire law firm of Hedtke Law APC has qualified attorneys to work on any case in California. Hedtke Law APC employs high-caliber paralegals and other employees whose sole focus is quality customer service and providing clarity to your case. It is their goal that you fully comprehend the work your Estate attorney Victorville is doing on your behalf, which includes explaining all the costs associated with estate planning. 

Too often people think that a simple living will cover all the details of their estate. In California, a living trust is absolutely imperative. Even with a will, the time-consuming and expensive probate process cannot be avoided without trust.  Although instructions may be spelled out in a living will, they may not always be followed correctly or even be legitimate. And should any dispute occur over your estate, it can leave your loved ones fighting over your possessions. Then the only way to correct this would be to hire a Probate lawyer in Victorville who can draw up the needed documents and close the case. Often it can take a Probate lawyer in Victorville several years to settle the case that brings all the parties to an agreement. Why do this to your children? CALL US AT 7604821737

If you have children under the age of 18, you must consider hiring an Estate lawyer in Victorville to assist you with planning your estate and ensuring your children’s needs are met. Your children will need a person who can legally care for them, and you must leave them with finances and belongings should you no longer be there to personally care for them. A lawyer can make sure that everything you leave for your children is dedicated solely to your children. The staff at Hedtke Law understands the delicacy of this situation and shows their sensitivity in such cases. Their primary goal is to ensure your children are cared for and your plans are carried out without any unneeded delays.

If you have experienced the passing of a loved one or parent, you may also consider hiring a Probate lawyer in Victorville who can help you with your case. Their job is to decipher the will left behind, as well as any other information, to ensure that you and your siblings receive the items legally left to you. A Probate lawyer in Victorville at the Hedtke Law APC will have experience dealing with these probate cases and can make this difficult process as worry-free as possible. CALL US AT 7604821737

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